Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Im Going Crazy of De shawl~

Today i post some of my collection of my shawl that i bought online wheee~ i put some link for those who are intrested in shawl....

This is My Shock Pink Shawl that i wear for my HARI RAYA.. see the colour so nice blend with my Baju Kurung and i really love it.. I bought it from NA
Love de shawl

This is my Polka Dot Choco Shawl.. This shawl is custom made where i found the colour was so nice i love the mix of black n white with chaco nyum nyum~i wear it for my trip at kuantan.. i bought from Kak AYuz at

This is Pink+Blue flowery where this shawl mix with many of my cloth n i love this shawl.. this picture is when i went out for my EAGLE EYE movie yahoo~~also from NA
Love de shawl

..This is the shawl my mom bought from me at KAmDar.This picture is taken when me with my fren are at one of the hotel at Penang to see my fren Kak Huda performing Jazz music n its was great...

This is my black my fav of all my shawl from mecca i think... This shawl have several design for the sulaman.. i take the circle design.. This pic is taken when im eating at sushi king my Fav place.. this is before we watch KAMI the movie.. i bought From kak Rina

...This is my purplish shawl which i've made my self.. i like the colour nice. This pic me with my fren during Open house our lecturer...

This is my only one silk shawl..This pic is taken during my lovely friends engagement and the colour of the shawl is blend with many colour i love it... where the design is limited i buy from kak Rina

p/s: I love the shawl.. n Hoping to open a blogstore for selling shwal soon..:D

KAMI The Movie

Ellow guys!!
Lame da since my last update.. Skang i ngah study week very busy2.. but im bored then i sajer nak cerita n kongsi my opinion about this KAMI The Movie.. Raya ke-3 i bersama teman i sajer jalan2 makan sushi, shopping n tertibe nak tgk wyang plak.. Actually we both are so excited about this KAMI the movie since we follow the series at 8tV..

Jalan ceritanya agak berbeza dari series.. It is not suggested for people who are not watching the series cause it's related.. Sedey bila dalam KAMI the movie they kill ABU.. why?? why??

So My comment when people say how the story?? i will answer its just ok... i give the story 3 Star only~

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