Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mission: Garage Sales at KTC S08

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Hello guys..

I just want to intive all of you come to my special event for clearance our stuff since this is our final year.. So This event is GARAGE SALES!!! at KTC,S08..

Basically what are going to sold 2ND HAND item that are still in good condition such as attire like shoes, cloth, magazines, books and many more...

The most intresting part is there will be feature my blog member from the YELLOW PRESTIGE special collection...This will be some brand new stuff and 2ND HAND stuff also... Who are intrested in wearing shawl, brooch this is the oppurtunities.. cause the design is fantabolous.. heheh~

This pic show some collection of Yellow prestige... or view blog by Clik here

From up there we can see the poster been draw by my frens SITI... I just want to inform to all there also some blogshop from UTM also are intrested in these event that be great so dont miss out i will ASAP tell every body who will be joining us~

P/S: I kinda TAK SABAR nak shopping ngeee~

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Women or gals tak leh lari dr Shopping.. pg jer shopping complex rambang mata... Actually i just been to CS at Jb just want to buy a new watches sbb talinyer udah putus :( (my fav executive watch).. ini menunjukkan sy guna jam tgan sya ngn sebaiknyer.. bukan main beli pastuh tak suka beli baru..

Then the second item yg nak beli is oversizzed sunnies... i know its not important but i cant resist i slalu online see the latest Emmagen website and see what the trend and fashion at MOSFD atau Malaysian online Fashion shopping directory... I tak baper shopping kat Online pasal baju2 nyer not my size just nak tgk trend kat situ jer..Kat situ ada gak orang yg tanya mcm2 tuk cari baju kat ner.. you know what emmagem banyak tlong cari fashion in trend skang n help you for what you want...then i see the overssizzed sunnies i nak sgt.. sbar je lah kan... nih link ke emmagem....klik here------> Emmagem

Ni lah design sunnies yg i nak.. but i want it to look more vintage i want it in brown.. Sukenyer nak2.....





Then i go to CS turn up to buy other than what i planned.. I beli fisrt my lovely jeans i bought it two pairs.. Then one track suit sbb i berazam nak diet n ptg g jogging bersama rakan2 yg sengkatan ngn saya.. Guys we have to maintain our determination.. kalo tak hangat2 taik ayam jer la.. heheheh~ i bought at Reject shop one of my fav store..

Than yg paling tak tahan is kat Cs skang just open new FOS store and barang dia banyak n cute with an affordable price ok.. lain giler kat Penang FOS mahal.. sini murah... Want to know what i buy??........... Jeng..Jeng..Jeng.. benda yg i nak sgt Cute dress with long sleeves.. cute sgt tak sabar nak tunjuk kat bibi sya... My god price dia pon murah apa lg i pon beli la... heheheh... Nanti i upload the picture k sbb tak sempat nak amik lg pic...

Then i pg la vincci store sbb nak beli jam.. but turn out kat vincci just ada jam yg berbentuk PVC atau plastik... x sukenyer... than tak jd la beli... di sebabkan i overspent tuk benda lain i terpaksa cancel beli oversized sunnies.. hancur impian kuu.... sedihnyer... takpe bibi dah janji nak beli ngn die je nanti... lupa plak i jumpa sunnies yg i nak katg Cs siap test sumer n ctik gler n sesuwei ngn muka i.. nak... isk isk...

MOod: Nak oversizzed sunnies sgt2...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Birthday Present....~

Ola.. its been a long holiday and tak update blog.. lots of thing happen in cuti hari tuh.. but the one thing nak citer is my birthday present from my brother nashriq thanks alot... He buy my family a dinner at Chilis... i love it...

First we arrive at Gurney plaza n go for window shoppinf wif my mum then we take our step at chilis...

Then we have to wait and we have look first the menu.. pastuh we order the bottomless juice.. me apple juice, momma mango juice n my lil bro grapaede...

Lihat saya bersama adik saya.. heheh~

This is our order.. i order the oldtime burger, my lil bro the cheeseburger (i thinks forget la~) n my mum cajun chicken sandwich....

Pose2 menarik from us at Chilis...

Mode: haPPy~~ NAk pg Lagik....


1) Do you think you're hot?
Yes of course i think im hot.. you just can feel it.. ngee~

2) Upload your favourite pictures of yourself

3) Why do you like that picture?
Sbb nampak gemuk sgt n plus cute.. hehe~

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
Ntah tak igt la.. slalu makan MCD..

5) The last song you listened to?
VE Oh no....Dgr RAdio

6) What are you doing right now besides this?
Im now swimming hahah~ ape da soklan cm nih...

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?

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