Friday, April 30, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wishlist for 2010~

Today i would like to share my wishlist of 2010~

1) Hp samsung Corby warna Pink Boley~

Kelemahan hp nih Harga dlm 600++ takde 3G, Wifi pon takde just touch screen QWERTY pon takde tapi cm cantik~

2) Plus-sized gown pengatin.. Teringin nak pakai dress kahwin nnti... mana nak cari nih~

3)Nice Plus Sized floral maxi...

After this is my buy by my Sayang ok~ He promises already ye syg~

4) N letter for my necklace because my letter N now already broke~~ ewwww geramm

4) New ring my first couple ring is missing yesterday i really hate it.. its not my fault maybe the is somebody just hit my box and drop it cause it missing now~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sudah lama tidak Update~

Terutama skali saya nak ucapkan SELAMAT TAHUN BARU~ Sampai semalam baru sy sedar yang saya selalu takde azam baru pon.. Apa yang dipikir perlu ke? Sbb saya sentiasa suka short term planning.. Contoh in 5 Month how my life should be~ Emm is that Ok?? I pon not sure..
But today 01.01.2010 im going to change~ ok??

So im going to create a list:

1. Im going to open blogshop and i already open it can see it at
This blog im selling this pre-loved dress and new dress that are for plus-sized and really lovely to wear this is my passion cause i love to wear dress~

2. Working to get down my weight i have to~ Im to heavy now since after i take my medical checkup at KG SG TIMUN during the carnival there the Medical Asistant said that "You Must cut ot about *3KG OMG~~~~ or else you will be sick" So lets work out~

3. I Want to get married this year? Can r?? Yes we will try our hard to make it heheh~ Lets Pray May Allah Bless it.

4. heheh~ im too gatal~ before this i have to find a stable job first rather than go next week under GEMS programme placement at GCH retail... I heard from my friend the work are so hard standing like kayu for 7 Hours?? nevermind lets work it out bebeh~

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