Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mission: Garage Sales at KTC S08

Click the picture for larger view~

Hello guys..

I just want to intive all of you come to my special event for clearance our stuff since this is our final year.. So This event is GARAGE SALES!!! at KTC,S08..

Basically what are going to sold 2ND HAND item that are still in good condition such as attire like shoes, cloth, magazines, books and many more...

The most intresting part is there will be feature my blog member from the YELLOW PRESTIGE special collection...This will be some brand new stuff and 2ND HAND stuff also... Who are intrested in wearing shawl, brooch this is the oppurtunities.. cause the design is fantabolous.. heheh~

This pic show some collection of Yellow prestige... or view blog by Clik here

From up there we can see the poster been draw by my frens SITI... I just want to inform to all there also some blogshop from UTM also are intrested in these event that be great so dont miss out i will ASAP tell every body who will be joining us~

P/S: I kinda TAK SABAR nak shopping ngeee~


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